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Hi Chuck , thats great news . The last film I could get was made by Fuji but from what I have heard they no longer make it . Maybe I'll keep hold of my C12's

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For the group's edification, the company that had been
making new polaroid film for legacy polaroid cameras,
"The Impossible Project", a Polish firm, has acquired
the polaroid brand, and intellectual property related
to the instant film, and its manufacture.  This is in
addition to having acquired polaroid's last film
manufacturing factory, in 2008.

Most all of the polaroid film types are available new,
and under the polaroid brand.

This is as of May 12, 2017.


If you want to use your scope cameras, with polaroid backs,
you can use your scope cameras, with real polaroid film.

Now, if you could just find a camera, with the right
adapter ring to fit your scope...

-Chuck Harris

brianas1948@... [TekScopes] wrote:
Hi , I have 2 x C-12 camera's and adapters for the 500 series scopes , one also has a graticule projector attachment . I would need to get these out of storage to see what condition they are in before setting any price but I am prepared to be very reasonable for anyone interested . I have not been able to get any reliable supply of polaroid film for these for some while and I now use the C1001/C1002 digital scope camera's -- but on 7k series scopes

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