Re: move: Archive, files etc, will they stay or move ?


Automagic logins are a function of your "saved passwords" settings in your particular operating system/browser and not


On 12/19/2017 8:14 AM, Chris Wilson wrote:
Mea culpa, I have a log in but wrongly assumed I would be automagically
logged in each time. Manually logged in and now I see the files and
photos. Thanks for your patience, I'm not safe out these days ;)

Best Regards,
Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY

> Chris

As explained earlier you need a login if you don't already
have one you will need to create on, instructions were in the earlier
emails. Just because you are getting Tekscopes email does not
necessarily mean that you have a login ( not unlike yahoo
really in this case)
Next log into groups .io and then come back to any email from tekscope
and at the bottom you will find the following link
Group Home:
Click on the link which take you to the Tekscopes home page. There
you will see a set of tabs on the left in those are ones marked
"Photos" anf "Files" respectively click on those and viola you find all the past p[ixs and files


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