Replacement caps for 465B


Anyone have a good list / supplier for the electrolytic caps in the LVPS of a 465B? I had some of the adapter discs made (the kind that take a snap-in cap) so looking for that form factor.

Here's the specs from the manual:

C4419 5000uF 25V +100% / -0%
C4429 1200uF 100V +75% / -10%
C4439 550uF 100V +75% / -10%
C4521 5500uF 30V +100% / -10%
C4531 5000uF 25V +100% / -10%

Was considering the same 6800uF, 35V, 20% cap (Mouser P/N 647-LGU1V682MELZ) for C4419, C4521, and C4531. Given they're originally +100% caps, I presume that'd be okay? Anyone have better choices?

Barry - N4BUQ

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