Re: 7854 vs 7D20


Hah, love it. You got me thinking that because of the speed, I could just
do a READX over gpib and pull the data in, process, and SENDX it back out
for display. Or, you know, display on the PC or use the specan 3 feet
away... Either way, this is very cool and much appreciated work. It also
might be neat to add a Raspberry Pi or some similar single board computer
externally to the 7854 to handle doing this without much additional bulk.
Hit a button and get the FFT.


On Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 1:12 AM,
[TekScopes] <> wrote:

Hi Dan!

Yes, the FFT program is available. You'll find a link to a zip archive at
the end of this message.
But the program needs some explanation.

The project was only a proof of concept and the program is a very limited

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