Re: 7854 vs 7D20

Holger Lübben

Hi Dan!

Yes, the FFT program is available. You'll find a link to a zip archive at the end of this message.
But the program needs some explanation.

The project was only a proof of concept and the program is a very limited prototype.
Some of the limits are:

- There is no error handling
- It's only tested on a 7854 with 8k of ram.
- Some sort of waveform scaling is missing, at the moment it works only with 1V/DIV
- It's very slow. Calculationg the FFT of a waveform with 128 points takes about 12 minutes.

The last point is the reason why I stopped the project. The 7854 is a fantastic scope - but the programming language has too many limits for this kind of calculation.

The zipfile contains 4 files:

1) fftprog.txt
the fft program for the 7854

2) inputwaveform_128_points.txt
My input waveform for testing

3) input.jpg
A screenshot of the input waveform

4) result.jpg
A screenshot of the correct result

And here is the link:

Holger Lübben

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