Re: Deane Kidd and the Metric System

Colin Herbert

Shortly after metrication of the UK currency came in, I saw a humorous article purporting to be issued by a Government Department which put forward the idea of metrication of time. The year would be re-defined as one thousand days and so “Superannuation” would become “Superkilodayvuation”. Before that point, the article seemed irritating, but believable.

Of course, didn’t the French come up with a similar notion during the Terror?


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Perhaps it helped with handling numbers to different bases in later life
As kids we were taught arithmetic in quite a few bases, including at least
Naturally we didn't realise we were doing that, we just did it.

But thank all the deities I never had to do that in anger as an adult.
Metrication was, and is, a godsend.

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