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On 14 Nov 2017 13:44:55 +0000, you wrote:

After a marathon session at distributor's web sites, I found a number of perfect fit replacement caps but still missing a few.

What is glaring is the absence of axial cap selection. It looks like these are disappearing fast. Not that I blame the manufacturers - I hate bending leads and would rather use SMDs any day. I was wrong about the axial caps' value - 15 uF, not 10. I wasn't able to find anything at mouser or digikey that matched except for some tant caps that were like $100. Since I need 7 of those, that ain't happening. These aren't in the power supply section so I don't HAVE to replace them. What are people doing in this situation? accepting worse tolerance? Significantly higher voltage (like 100+ for 10V caps), if that's even available?
Unless they are used for timing like in a soft start circuit, the
values are not critical. Larger values are better up to a point.

For local bulk decoupling capacitors, values are usually selected
based on ESR at high frequency so a lower value solid tantalum
capacitor can replace a larger value aluminum electrolytic capacitor
with a ratio of about 2 to 4.

There is a wonderful selection of SMD caps with tight tolerances for well less than a buck. I could imagine making a tiny little carrier board that would convert the SMD to the right pitch and size to replace an axial cap. Anything wrong with that idea?
It is much easier to use radial lead parts by insulating and bending
one lead around the capacitor body.

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