New member and owner of a Ten 465


Hello, my name is Peter Hendrickx. I’m a European who lives in Canada. I have worked for 22 years in cable TV for testing and repairing measurement equipment and amplifiers.
I’m licensed ham radio amateur too.
I recently bought a cheap Tek 465 on ebay with condition for parts or not working. But it was described as Trace for channel 1 and no trace for channel 2. When it arrived, the scope was like described. After take out and plugin again the transistors in vertical amp CH2, I had traces for both channels. On channel 1 , there was a problem with the level (the level displayed was 2.5 times to high). After take out and plugin the transistors for the vertical amp in Ch1, the problem was solved. Then I aligned the potters for step attenuator balance, so there is only a 0.2 Div varriation when I change Volt/Div switch from both channels between min and max.
I aligned the both voltage traces at the same voltage out on the display on a 1000 Hz frequency.
I have tested the bandwith till 20 MHz, and the output voltage seems fine. I cannot test to a higher frequency, because I don’t have a good source where I know the amplitude on a higher frequency.
I have cleaned the contacts from the attenuator with isopropyl alcohol and a small painting brush.
I calibrated the time base on 50 ns.
The power supply seems fine, gives out all the right voltages with a ripple of a few millivolts. On.y on the 110V, I have between 10 and 20 mv ripple. The high voltage, I’m not able to test.
The screen is bright and the traces are sharp focussed.
The triggering seems to work fine.
I only have a problem with phasing. When I try to test the x-y mode with the same signal on both channels, I don’t have a diagonal line, but an elliptic diagonal figure.
I have to check that more out, because Now it looks like there is few degrees phase difference between the 2 channels.
When I see the both channels on my screen not in x-y mode, they seem in phase, but that is probably because the way I trigger. I don’t know, I haven’t seen this problem in a scope before. But never have had a more then 40 year olol scope that probably hasn’t had any calibration in 20 years or so.
I will try to calibrate the complete scope as far I can with the equipment I have.

I’m looking forward to participate this group and helping as far as I can.



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