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Just go up to 15uF, or 18uF, or maybe even 20uF. Odds are that the old part
was -10%,+100%, so an 18uF part would likely be spot on, and 20uF would not
harm any.

These are after all just decoupling caps.


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After a marathon session at distributor's web sites, I found a number of
perfect fit replacement caps but still missing a few.

What is glaring is the absence of axial cap selection. It looks like these
are disappearing fast. Not that I blame the manufacturers - I hate bending
leads and would rather use SMDs any day. I was wrong about the axial caps'
value - 15 uF, not 10. I wasn't able to find anything at mouser or digikey
that matched except for some tant caps that were like $100. Since I need 7
of those, that ain't happening. These aren't in the power supply section so
I don't HAVE to replace them. What are people doing in this situation?
accepting worse tolerance? Significantly higher voltage (like 100+ for 10V
caps), if that's even available?

There is a wonderful selection of SMD caps with tight tolerances for well
less than a buck. I could imagine making a tiny little carrier board that
would convert the SMD to the right pitch and size to replace an axial cap.
Anything wrong with that idea?


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