Re: New member and owner of a dead 2225

Tom Jobe <tomjobe@...>

Another question. There are at least 9 10 uF axial electrolytics in
various places. I should replace them as well? I'm not wild about removing the attenuator/timebase board, though it's probably easier than it looks.

Hi Phil,
Sorry for not being clearer about my suggestion of replacing the 10 uF and up aluminum electrolytic caps, my comments are only about the repairing of the power supply, and not about any other sections of your oscilloscope.
The leads on those 'snap' caps bend easily, maybe spread them to fit and plan on not having the cap sit down on the board tightly? Maybe use two pair of pliers so the joint between the leads and the capacitor body are not disturbed?
In studying the schematic of the 2225 power supply, we see that it has at least twice as many parts as the more common 22xx family which includes the 2235, etc. Maybe this explains why it is fairly rare to hear about 2225 power supply problems?
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