Re: New member and owner of a dead 2225


Thanks. I went through Mouser looking for the caps. 300 mil pitch doesn't seem to exist anymore. Will try Digi. On higher voltage caps, it's it the case the higher V often means higher ESR?

I am planning on pulling all the switcher electrolytic caps out and am hoping to find what went bad to help with the general diagnosis. Right now, my bet is on either C915 or C971. Hopefully the series regulator and inverter are ok as I don't have a scope to debug my scope with...

As to Dave, it's not his Aussie accent and turn of phrase, rather his high pitched voice and geeky mannerisms that bug my Wife. It sometimes gets a bit wearing to me too. Plus it can be hard to figure out if he thinks something is good or bad. I went to school with a bunch of Aussies - great group of friends.

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