Tektronix 485s for sale

Dave Daniel


Due to mounting pressures to sell my property I need to unload a few test equipment items.

I have two Tektronix 485s that I think I need to sell. I have powered them up and performed very basic testing. I have limited time and don't plan to do any exhaustive testing on either of them. They are not in calibration.

Below are descriptions:

1. Tektronix 485. It has serial number B192687. It has Option 78 - P11 phosphor. It is in good cosmetic shape. Channel 1 is rock-solid while channel 2 is a bit jittery; I suspect the front panel controls need cleaning. It has the rare front panel snap-on plastic cover. $300.

2. Tektronix 485. It has serial number B155872. Some of the button legends are worn off; I placed white label-printer labels with the legends on most of the buttons where the legends were missing. The mode buttons on this 'scope are in serious need of electrical cleaning. They operate stiffly and do not fully switch between modes (for instance, when the mode is set to CH1 or CH2, there is a second trace on the screen, as if the mode is really "sort of" ALT or "sort of" CHOP; putting additional pressure on the CH1/CH2 mode button eliminates the second trace). It also has the rare front panel snap-on plastic cover. I think I might have a few button caps that could be used to replace the ones on this 'scope where the legends are worn off; I will need to check. If so, I will include whatever I have with the 'scope. If not, Walter at Sphere or Qservice (or someplace else) may have them. $250.

I would like to sell these for the prices listed above plus the cost of shipping (and maybe for packaging materials if I have to buy them), more or less. The prices are negotiable; we'll see what responses I get. I will endeavor to pack them well so that they are not damaged in transit (I've shipped several largish Tektronix products around the globe and have not had any complaints, and received one compliment). I would use either USPS or UPS (not FedEx) at the buyer's discretion. Local pickup in the Lyons, Colorado (front range) area would be preferable. Payment would be by PayPal or cleared personal check.

I have one original manual which I would include for $10 with one of the 485s. I believe I have a printed copy of a PDF of the manual and, if I can find it, I would include that with the other 485. If not, then the other 485 would come without a manual.

If you are interested PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIVATELY using "kc0wjn at gmail dot com". Please do not reply to the list (I will ignore any such replies).

I am not at all pleased about having to sell these, as I had a 485 as one of my two "personal" 'scopes for many years at StorageTek many years ago and these 'scopes are old friends. But I think this is probably the right thing to do.

I also have a partially-working HP 8558B/853A spec an combo that I also need to sell, if anyone is interested in that.

Thanks for the bandwidth.


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