Re: DIY TD Pulser


Why can't you use the random sampling capability on the 7T11? Then at
least no delay line should be required. A power divider might still
be desirable to separate the sampling kickout from the trigger.

Tektronix had a slightly more complex tunnel diode pulse generator
which generated a pretrigger:


It would be interesting to see the inside to see how it was

On Mon, 13 Nov 2017 23:53:05 +0000, you wrote:

Hey Joseph,

I built one of those, and the complexity/value is not in the circuit. It's
mostly in the characterization of the behavior of the physical construction
of the circuit. Mine has a rise time of ~200ps, as determined by my TDS
784D and some maths. Plenty good to calibrate the transient response of my
485 and 2467, though I do worry about the pre-shoot and overshoot I see on
the TDS.
I'll need to look closer one day, now that I have a 7834, 7S11/7T11 - just
need a decent power splitter and a delay line, and a few more little things


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