Re: 7854 adding more memory.

Dave Daniel

IIRC, option 2D added an extra 4 kB to the 'scope.

Look in the archives for the thread entitled "7854 RAM card upgrade only
- any interest?" Starting March 4, 2016. There are over a hundred posts
in that thread on the subject of upgrading the memory in a 7854.


On 11/13/2017 1:08 PM, 'Max Vaughan' [TekScopes] wrote:

I believe this was discussed before, but I am finding thousands of
hits to wade through.

Some do not seem to be really relevant to the email subject.

Looking to add more memory to my 7854.

Older model, says version 04 on the service tag on the back.

I believe it only has the basic options.

Thanks in advanceā€¦



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