Re: 7854 sticky keyboard buttons repair

Nenad Filipovic

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble looking at the photos. I tried to open
my own link both at home and from work (using Firefox), and images loaded
fairly quickly. However, back when I was uploading them the process
struggled a lot, each image uploaded only after a dozen failed (reason?)
attempts (the loading "script" automatically retries the failed upload of
selected files). I reduced all images to 1600x1200 resolution (file size
being approx. 500kB), I'd say this is pretty modest for today's standards,
even blurry cell phone images are many times larger. Don't know if there is
a guideline for photo upload (size/resolution) here on the group? I still
think there must be something wrong with Yahoo's servers.

Best regards,
Nenad FIlipovic

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 8:56 PM, Dave Daniel [TekScopes] <> wrote:

This morning, I took a look at the cited URL and the only one the photos
would load, even after a half-hour or so.

A few minutes ago, I looked again and all the photos loaded immediately.
I suspect that the photos are high-resolution photos with large file
sizes and that my internet connection was behaving badly this morning as
it sometimes does.


On 11/13/2017 12:39 PM, Daniel Koller [TekScopes]

I'm not getting the "minutes later" part. Maybe hours later, but I
can't wait that long. Exceedingly slow for me. I get blank frames
in all the photo albums. Could it be some mystery setting in my browser?
...ok, FINALLY. As I was writing up this message, I went back to
double check, and I can view the photos. Something is deathly wrong
with Yahoo's servers. Maybe they are trying to emulate the dial-up
days? wow, how I don't miss those days.
On Monday, November 13, 2017, 10:37:23 AM EST, bobh
[TekScopes] <> wrote:

I logged in to Yahoo, went to the TekScopes group area and to
photos/albums – the frames and filenames were there but no pictures. I
looked at some files and then came back to the photos and they
(finally) appeared minutes later. Very slow.

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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] 7854 sticky keyboard buttons repair

Is anyone else having trouble viewing these photos?

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