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We will probably never know for sure.  But it certainly isn't the way I or my associates would have designed it.  The function is basically an Op Amp inverter with an input mux.  And why would Ch5 ever be added to anything?  I'm not being critical and I don't claim to know, just saying that as an engineer I would have used something more simple.

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I don't believe the complexity in feeding CH5 is a mistake, but rather
an issue of partitioning... I believe the channel switch hybrid works
exactly the way it was supposed to work.
You can see the data sheet for the channel switch die here <>, it's "named" 203-0211-90 and appears on
page 6-29 (or 271). It seems pretty clear that this is behaving as
intended, and that the #5 input is designed for a much lower bandwidth
signal than #1/2 and #3/4.
I'm guessing the original intent would have been for the readout signal to
be in a quiescent state when not displayed, or maybe it was simply less
expensive to do the low-bandwidth switching externally to the hybrid.

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