Re: A 2465 teaser...


On Sun, 12 Nov 2017 at 11:05 Chuck Harris cfharris@... [TekScopes] <
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I don't believe the complexity in feeding CH5 is a mistake, but rather
an issue of partitioning... I believe the channel switch hybrid works
exactly the way it was supposed to work.
You can see the data sheet for the channel switch die here <>, it's "named" 203-0211-90 and appears on
page 6-29 (or 271). It seems pretty clear that this is behaving as
intended, and that the #5 input is designed for a much lower bandwidth
signal than #1/2 and #3/4.
I'm guessing the original intent would have been for the readout signal to
be in a quiescent state when not displayed, or maybe it was simply less
expensive to do the low-bandwidth switching externally to the hybrid.

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