Re: Ebay seller playing shenanigans on scope auction

Tom Jobe <tomjobe@...>

it seems to me that you need to study up on how the eBay bidding process
From looking at the bid history, I'd say the auction was all quite
normal, and someone simply bought it for one bid increment above the
next highest bid.
We have no idea what the final buyer's maximum bid was, but they put
their bid in the day before the auction closed, and they bought the item
for one bid increment above whatever anyone else was willing to pay. The
bid increment is $5 between $250 and $500 dollars, so you and one other
buyer pushed the price up toward their unknown maximum and your final
bid plus $5 is what they paid for it.
tom jobe...

On 11/10/2017 6:01 PM, [TekScopes] wrote:

I bid on a scope today on ebay - Tek TDS 540 (500 MHz) that the seller
described as good cosmetic condition and fully functioning. I got up
to $391 and said to myself - Do I really need this? It went for $396 +
shipping. Later I was contacted with ebay's second chance offer. This
was less than an hour after the auction. I started looking at the bids
and realized that it was just one bidder that ran me up from $268 to
$391. All other bidders had dropped above $268. I responded to the
seller with my highest bid (below $300) prior to the bidder that
bailed out that did not go through with the sale. Seller played it off
like he will relist to give me "another opportunity" when I made this

I think the seller was bidding it up using another ebay account and
got too greedy and ended up buying it back so he cancelled the
transaction which allowed the second chance offer. This is why I
usually only do buy it now and/or make offer. By the way, the seller
was also selling other electronics including other oscilloscopes.

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