Re: A 2465 teaser...

Chuck Harris

The only thing in common between the symptoms
I described, and the symptoms you described is
the fact that the scopes were 2465's.

-Chuck Harris

davidazzz8@... [TekScopes] wrote:

So not in case he was with me
I had a Shortened diode cr3011

It made Channel 1
The volt / dev

For improper identification of measured volts

On some of the situations in the switch.

The second problem I had in the front panel
The flexible cable
From borad A6 to borad A5

One of the cables in J652
Probably torn without continuity.

If I'm not mistaken do not remember for sure
It was pin 14 on J652.

This caused the Channel 3 display not to work
channel One And Channel Two
the Trace Were not stable

and Not kept in place
coupling ch1 and ch2 gnd Worked properly

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