Re: 2465B error code


Hello Raymond and Jon, I did as you suggested and downloaded manual copies although digital downloads. Just going over them quickly,I was looking for the board for the CTT (counter timer) and I think it is A26 and its location is vertically installed next to the CRT. Correct me if I am wrong but It looks like this board has part of the TV board included?At least that is indicated in the CTT section of the manual. I read a little about the error messages and this one gave me the option of pressing the A/B trigger which makes it operational. Although with a note to get it repaired. I did this and it worked but would rather have no error codes at all. It seems to me that these are factory installed options. If they are not,please advise if you know. If there is a way to disconnect the option and bypass so no error is recieved, I am ok with that. I have a dedicated counter. Having the option installation instructions would go far if they exist. I am greatful for any assistance of those that can help. I have been a member for quite a few years but more of a lurker who read(s) and follows many of the repairs accomplished here. I am not a trained electronics tech in any way shape or form and have used the 475B that was repaired years ago with help from this group to make several repairs to my ham gear. My goal here is to insure the scope is functional. I am ok with troubleshooting the CTT board as long as I have guidance and the equipment to do so but it is not needed imperative to keep the function. I will be getting the scope off the rack and on the bench. Thank you , Chris

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