Re: 7854 fixed, now for some newb questions

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

Well done!

A few days ago I've become a proud owner of a mint condition 7854 with the calculator keyboard
in its original plastic wrap). What was wrong with it - exploded capacitor in the integral EMI
filter of the
power connector. It splattered a load of brown goo on the outside, the filter itself bulged so
hard that
I couldn't pull it out at first. I was already thinking about a conspiracy of fancy US gear
against European
line voltage, but then noticed that the filter itself is "Made in Switzerland", splendid.
That is alas well known - Schaffner, the filter maker, used epoxy-potted RIFA paper filter
capacitors. After a decade or three they basically explode . They were used in vast quantities; it
they are soldered to a circuit board they just generate a lot of white smoke and a smell of hot
epoxy from the burst case. If they are a filter, all that energy has nowhere to go, with the effect
that you saw.

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