Re: tek 2712 freezes during startup

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Have each of you looked into the condition of the SMD electrolytic
capacitors on your spectrum analyzers?

In the few examples of these spectrum analyzers that I have worked
on, I have found a number of problems:

1) focus string SMD 1M and 2M resistors that weren't properly
soldered due to a plating failure on the board.
2) a whole slew of SMD electrolytic capacitors that were leaking
3) dead lithium cells used for memory functions...
4) switching power supply capacitors that are high ESR.

If any of the solder joints around the SMD electrolytic capacitors
are milky white in color, rather than shiny and metallic, the
capacitors are leaking electrolyte.

-Chuck Harris

Joachim Lange [TekScopes] wrote:

El 08/11/2017 a las 05:50 p.m., [TekScopes] escribi�:

Hi, I have replaced the batteries but the SA freezes at the same point.
I was hoping that I would find a loose connection or similar issue
since it is a long way from US to Brazil, and it was "in working
condition" when I bought it (with photos).
Unfortunately that was not the case.
I wonder if the problem is related to the front panel since the last
line of the error screen says "press W to cont; Z to abort" but I have
tried every key and nothing happens.
Is it possible to know if the problem is really a freeze during boot
or a defective front panel?
Any other ideas?
The link to the error screen and the lighted leds of the front panel
is attached below.

Hello Roger, I forgot to ask you if you looked at the 100 Mhz TXCO as
Jochen wrote?
I will try to do that tomorrow.




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