Re: tek 2712 freezes during startup


El 08/11/2017 a las 05:50 p.m., [TekScopes] escribió:

Hi, I have replaced the batteries but the SA freezes at the same point.
I was hoping that I would find a loose connection or similar issue
since it is a long way from US to Brazil, and it was "in working
condition" when I bought it (with photos).
Unfortunately that was not the case.
I wonder if the problem is related to the front panel since the last
line of the error screen says "press W to cont; Z to abort" but I have
tried every key and nothing happens.
Is it possible to know if the problem is really a freeze during boot
or a defective front panel?
Any other ideas?
The link to the error screen and the lighted leds of the front panel
is attached below.;sortOrder=desc&photoFilter=ALL#zax/2075059146;sortOrder=desc&photoFilter=ALL#zax/2075059146

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Hello Roger, I forgot to ask you if you looked at the 100 Mhz TXCO as
Jochen wrote?
I will try to do that tomorrow.

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