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Dave Wise

Does it make a difference that it's in gaseous form?

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I never considered butane either. My only concern would be its
dielectric strength. Let's see ...

Freon 114 is 1,2-Dichlorotetrafluoroethane with a dielectric strength
of 2.52 compared to nitrogen. Butane has a dielectric strength of 1.5
or 1.7 compared to nitrogen depending on information source.

The breakdown voltage is further increased over nitrogen because the
freon 114 and butane are used at higher than atmospheric pressure.

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You know, I have looked long and hard at various replacements for FC114 in recent years, and I had
not considered butane.

But looking at the NIST site for FC114 you get 1.83 atmospheres at 20C, and with butane you get 2
atmospheres. So similar enough not to lose too much sleep over.

And the dielectric constant of butane gas at 2atm is, not surprisingly very close to unity 1.0056

I haven't found any data for the gas phase dielectric of FC114, but it will be likewise very close
to unity.

So, very cautiously, it would appear that butane is a possible replacement for unobtainium FC114.


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Hi, you can use butane.

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