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if I am not wrong, the P6015A was filled with a silicon oil ???

I have filled my P6015 ( without the A ) with a silicon oil of Wacker
Chemie Powersil Fluid TR50.

The probe needed to be realigned and the bandwidth was shrinking down to
10 MHz, but with a good isolation and less environmental problems.

As far as I know, the original fluid for the P6015 ( without A )was
banned ( Freon 114 )and is no longer sold out of legal reasons

So... it works !


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A bad assumption on my part, stemming from my belief that
the silicone fluid would never need replacing under normal

I shouldn't leak, unless the probe is physically broken, in
which case, the new fluid will leak too.

It doesn't evaporate at ambient pressures.

If you arc over, there is going to be more problems than just
contaminated fluid, I would think.

Why do you need to replace your silicone fluid?

-Chuck Harris

'Colin Herbert'
[TekScopes] wrote:

I think I may have confused people with my original post. The probe
that I am concerned with is the P6015A, which was designed to use
silicone-based dielectric fluid, not the Freon. What I am looking for is
a supply of the silicone-based dielectric, not a substitute for the
Freon. As I said, a UK source would be best for me, as I live in London, UK.


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