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I have my 30+ year old Weller 8200 soldering gun which I put a new
housing on about 5 years ago.

Then I have a pair of Weller WTCP style Magnastat soldering iron
stations. These are the ones which use the curie temperature of the
tip to regulate the tip temperature. One of mine is the military


I also have a big Weller W100P-3 100 watt temperature controlled iron
which runs directly on 120 volts AC. I used to have a W60P-3
temperature controlled iron which I intended as a portable replacement
for my soldering gun around the house but as was pointed out, the
soldering gun is safer because of its instant on capability and
actually more convenient. I lent the W60P-3 to a friend to work on a
job site who promptly plugged it into an outlet wired incorrectly to
240 volts AC which burned it out.

The advantage of using a temperature controlled soldering iron cannot
be overstated. With temperature control, the iron may be higher power
and have higher thermal capacity while operating at a lower
temperature. All of these attributes make for easier operation and
less damage to printed circuit boards and parts.

If you are looking for a new temperature controlled soldering iron,
then consider the price, availability, and variety of the tips. I
generally prefer shorter and fatter tips which deliver more heat at
lower temperatures.

On Tue, 31 Oct 2017 23:00:46 -0400 (GMT-04:00), you wrote:

Yes, but it has been discontinued. It was a 25 watt iron with the round black handle. It was replaced with the new version, with a triangular handle with LEDs to light the work. They are about $15 on Ebay.

I also have a Weller SP175, for soldering shields or sheet metal.

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