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Fabio Trevisan

Hello Ed,
Windows XP comes bundled with a terminal emulator, although it's not
installed by default on its standard setup.
You need to go to add remove programs and choose add/remove windows
It may ask you though for the WinXP installation media, which is a bummer
At work I use one called TeraTerm and I'm not sure if it's freeware or if
it's being copied illegally to exhaustion, but it seems everybody has it.
I can send it to you. It's just an exe file and doesn't need to be
installed... Only executed.

On Oct 25, 2017 4:18 PM, "edbreya@... [TekScopes]" <
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Thanks Siggi, this console port thing looks very promising. I had not seen
discussions about it in all my searching. The 820 does seem to have the
connection for it, and it has the RS-232 and Centronics ports option. I
think I just need to figure out the specifics of wiring up an adapter from
it to the console port. In the discussions I've found so far about this
adapter, there are verbal descriptions, but I'd like to see a schematic,
and hopefully will find one.

I think I will then need a terminal emulator program running on a PC that
still has the legacy serial ports. Does anyone know if this is built into
the WinXP OS or DOS underneath, or are there any recommended "safe" ones
that will run on XP, available on line? I assume there may be lots of them
out there, but I get a little nervous looking for downloadable, executable
programs from unknown sources.


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