Re: THS720 ac/dc channel offset


I have a THS720 portable scope that exhibits a systematic offset error in ch 1 only
Any idea on what to do?
This was an issue on A and P-models prior to F/W 1.16.
Just to clarify a couple of things about what I said this morning ....

F/W should be 1.15 not 1.16.

The update history says this about 1.15:

A calibration quanitity (signalCplgBalanceDelta), computed only in factory cal, was found to drift
over time. The symptom of this problem is a vertical offset in one or both channels. The fix was
to move the computation of this quantity to SPC. The offset can be removed then by running SPC
(bug report: IRSdb02709)

This implies that the problem could be fixed by doing a Factory Cal, at least until it drifted
away again.

Again, this applies to A and P models only.


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