Re: 7A26 caps

Göran Krusell

Hi Håkan,

Yes, I experienced this problem when I calibrated a number of 7A26´s a few
years ago. I can identify three different round capacitors. I can read the
capacitance range but not the letters AJ. I did not exchange them instead I
settled with not getting the last ns out of the pulse shape. I was
surprised that Tek would chose such low quality components in this
amplifier. And I get the impression that the amplifier was fairly expensive
to build due to a lot of manual mounting. This amplifier was built in a
number of 120 000 units so there was reasons to optimize its design, and
perhaps they also did. But what I found even more disturbing was that the
variable resistors in many cases had very large or unnecessarily large
adjustment ranges.

I usually use my 7A18 instead, I find it more stable, lower drift – or is
it an illusion…


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