DM5010 error 318

Harvey White

When calibrating a DM5010, I get error 318, bad ohms calibration
constant. This happens even when I am attempting to zero the reading.
It doesn't happen on some ranges, but does on others.

Not quite sure what to do about it. I have all the stuff needed to
calibrate it otherwise, I think.

I have three to work on, one with this problem, one that seems to want
to reboot and never make it out of power on test, and I'm not sure of
the last one.

The reboot one I can check the signatures, the one I'm not sure of I
can test further, but the 318 error? Not sure where that's coming
from, is it not storing the cal data properly (ram error?) or is it
the ohms converter?

I've replaced the batteries in two of them with li batteries, diode in
series, very light drain. All three had some battery leakage and
damage, though.


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