Re: 1S1 Loop Gain Troubleshooting

Dave Wise

The 1S1 (1965) was based on the 4S1/5T3 (1962).


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I looked some more at the 1S1 manual, and found that the strobe circuit does not appear to use any transmission line structure to form the pulses - just plain old differentiation and shaping of the snap edge with appropriate circuitry and RLC values. So, this is not an example of what I described in my other post.

The "modern" ones that I'm familiar with, like the 4S1, 4S2, and 7S14, up through the S-series heads, do use transmission lines for strobe generation - Tek called them "clipping lines." These are clearly shown in the schematics, and mentioned in the circuit descriptions, so can be studied to see how they work.

Beyond that, I have not seen details of the insides of any newer samplers of any brand, but assume the same technique is used. Nowadays, there may be others too, but I don't know.


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