New member saying hello

Martin Whybrow

Hi, just joined up today so thought I would introduce myself; my name is Martin, and I live near Cambridge in the UK. I currently have a 2465B, a THS720 and a 2710 spectrum analyser. My introduction to Tek was 30 years ago when I bought a 535 in non-working condition and brought it back to life by adding a new heater transformer for the CRT, because the mains transformer had developed a leak between the heater winding and ground. I finally got rid of that because it was just too big. The 2465B was being thrown at at work due to the usual horizontal amp failure; a replacement output IC (used) fixed that. The THS720 was working when I got it, but the battery pack wouldn't hold a charge; I fixed that, at least partially, by knocking out the internal short with a nice big capacitor charged to 12V dumped across each cell. The 2710 spectrum analyser is a recent purchase, again not working when I got it; it had suffered an arc across the PCB in the HT section, cooked all of the resistors in the HT divider chain and blown a few other parts into the bargain; I had to remove a 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" section of PCB and insert a replacement section of board that I etched at home. The 2710 does now power up, but has a number of issues to deal with, hoping someone on here has experience with these.
That's all for now, Martin.

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