Re: scanned: "Winning With People: The First 40 Years of Tektronix"

Dave Wise

IIUC, VintageTek Museum makes a bit of pocket change off selling copies. Please don't undercut them.

Dave Wise
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The reason companies print books like this is to publicize the virtues of the company. Tektronix benefits by the wide distribution of this scan. Does anyone believe Tektronix is worried about income from sales of a book published 3o years ago? Tektronix holds the copyright. They are the only ones with standing to enforce the copyright.

It is weird that self-righteous people bleat about copyright for Tektronix long after the end of any benefit to Tektronix from that copyright. We have seen this also regarding Heathkits, where a certain individual aggressively claimed to own the copyright for their manuals resulting in the disappearance of scanned copies from the internet

Let's quit attacking people who provide scans.

I was dismayed to see Dave from Artek join in on this. Dave is a good guy who has been tremendously helpful providing copies of manuals over the years. But Artek copies aren't protected by copyright. They are protected by the good will of people like us who refrain from distributing copies of Artek's products for the simple reason that we would like him to continue in business!

73s Bob Krassa ACØJL

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