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I had Tek issue artery forceps circa 1969 that could be clamped on the lead of some tender little device while soldering to provide an alternate heat flow path.

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Dennis, I think you're thinking of the 067-0681-01 TD Pulser. That's the John Addis design with 43-ohm resistor in the BNC.

I wonder if soldering the TD could be made safer by having an assistant spray the body with freezer while you solder the lead.
That's assuming steep gradient is less of a danger than overheating.

Dave Wise

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Hi Hakan,
My apologies. I was confusing another Tek TD Pulse Generator (067-0513-00) I have with the 43 ohm resistor that is inside the Teflon dielectric.

One change manufacturing wanted to make was to lengthen the leads of the TD to make it easier to solder in place since the heat from soldering to the BNC was damaging the TDs. John had to prove to them that longer leads would increase the aberrations to get them to back down.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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