Re: Fast Rise/Fall Time Pulser

Dave Wise

Minimize parasitic inductance and capacitance. When you're talking picoseconds, a picofarad or nanohenry is huge.

Dave Wise

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Hello all,

can somebody enlighten me, why it is a need to have the tunnel diode so near to the connector ???


Am 12.10.2017 17:26, schrieb David Wise david_wise@... [TekScopes]:

Dennis, I think you're thinking of the 067-0681-01 TD Pulser. That's
the John Addis design with 43-ohm resistor in the BNC.

I wonder if soldering the TD could be made safer by having an
assistant spray the body with freezer while you solder the lead.
That's assuming steep gradient is less of a danger than overheating.

Dave Wise

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