Re: Anybody have any Tek AVC-20 info? A 2252 Manual?

Tom Jobe <tomjobe@...>

Hi Walter,
I have a 2252 service manual that I bought from Qservice in Greece years
ago, so I can't send you a copy of it.
It appears to be very complete.
See if Qservice still sells it.
tom jobe...

On 10/11/2017 5:00 PM, [TekScopes] wrote:

Now that I am recovered from stuff day, back to Tek tinkering. I got a
strange Tek gizmo, the mysterious AVC-20, supposedly for measuring
audio phase on a vector display. I can't find any info beyond that
short summary anywhere, so I am hoping some list member has a manual

also searching for a Tek 2252 service manual, only the user manual
seems to be around.

dennis made it up for stuff day, and brought back lots of bits for the
Tek vintage museum, so we are now cleaned out of Tek board assemblies,
and I will kill that webpage shortly. you should be able to get them
at some point from the museum, including known good 11K internal
boards, and the impossible to find 11K blanking plug ins to keep the
airflow correct.

all the best,
sphere research corp.
walter2 -at-

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