Re: Thank you, and question about a very unusual CRT



Please correct Håkan’s misunderstanding.
Thanks for the info, well it was a wild guess ...
Did you find out what the odd stuff in the CRT is ?

One more thing I forgot to mention: EA works by changing the gain in the plugin
Are you saying that this is the only thing EA does ?

I'm pretty sure that the scope itself also gets its output gains and offsets adjusted so the display
match the graticule.

This means the measurements made by your scope are always fully calibrated at all times
As far as being calibrated all the time after an EA, is probably true only for the digital scopes
and the vertical gain/offset part of an analog scope. I don't think EA does anything, or at least
not much, to the horizontal on an analog scope except the output gain. It doesn't do anything about
things like step response, bandwidth or timing. There are over 40 steps in the Adjustment procedure
of the manual. Most of them save cal constants set by the adjustment software and pretty
much all need interaction by the user. The analogs also have an built in counter which relies also
on constants set by the adjustment software.


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