Re: 7104/7A29 max freq ?

Denton, Adam (Exchange)

The Tek 543A has a distributed vertical amp. Inside you can see the
delay line running along the top and then down the inside front panel.
It looks like about 40 or so axial inductors connected in series. If
stretched out end to end, would probably be 60 cm or so in length. At
all the intersections of these inductors are small trimmer caps.

All that for "just" 33MHz bandwidth! :-)


--- In, Brooke Clarke <brooke@p...> wrote:
I seem to remember from the 1960 - 1970 time frame that the
distributed amplifier was the way to go for the widest bandwidth. It
consisted of a delay line with periodic taps feeding a number of
amplifiers and the output of the amplifiers feeding another delay line
with similar time between taps. Each amplifier has a low gain so it's
bandwidth is high.

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