Re: Picked up a Tek 5116 COLOR oscilloscope

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Guys,

I have been following up this thread from a distance, and since I learnt
about those color LCD multiplex that Tek premiered long time ago, I
couldn't refrain from comparing it with the DLP projector's technology and
back then I thought to myself... Wow, those guys from Tek were really at
the edge of technology!
Later I was surprised to know that InFocus (the projector brand) was
founded by people that came from Tek.
Isn't it curious that it was exactly InFocus the maker that turned DLP
techology mainstream, that it has exactly the same principle of operation
and - still today - it's blamed for exactly the same problem, Eye strain
and rainbow effect.
The only thing I could never put together in all this is why in the world
it was Texas to develop the DMD chip? Did they do develop it "by request"
from InFocus or was it some sort of cooperation?
Any one here knows the story?

2017-09-29 9:33 GMT-03:00 Chuck Harris cfharris@... [TekScopes] <

The 5116 was new in the 1984 catalog, where the 1240 was
already settled into the lineup. The 1241 came out a year


You really don't want either the 5116 or the 1241 if you
have eyes.

The big problem is the colors are multiplexed at approximately
a 20 Hz rate, and every time you move your eyes you will see
them jump or change. A big headache for the long term user.

The color LCD gate can display red or green, and if you change
between those colors quickly, it displays a sort-of amber.

The CRT is a P4 white type, and the software is configured to
flip the LCD to red, and display the text that should be red,
then flip the LCD to green, and display the text that should be
green, and then flip the LCD to yellow, and display the text
that should be yellow. I say text because the 1240 is really
a text display with block graphics characters that generate the
waveform data.

I wouldn't go out of my way to find examples of this technology
unless you needed them for a museum. I'm pretty sure that you
won't like using them for real work.

I spent a lot of hours using a 1240, and like the way the work,
but when a 1241 came into my stable, I used it a couple of times
and sent it on its way. The flicker thing was too much strain
to ever get used to.

-Chuck Harris

Joe joeshomeworkshop@... [TekScopes] wrote:
IIRC, Tektronix used this technology on the 1241 (color) logic analyzer
where its use may have been more prevalent. The question is which
application came first, this scope or LA? would probably need to scan
through catalogs to find out.


On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 2:13 AM, satbeginner@... [TekScopes] <
TekScopes@...> wrote:

In the Netherlands we had a magazine called "Elektuur" , but in every
issue there was an item called " het Lek van Elektuur" .
In Dutch "Lek" means "Leak", in there they corrected the oopses and
boo-boo's of the previous months designs and articles.... :-)

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