Tek 454 Ch1 Vertical Drift


Stan (or others), you have helped me with this scope just recently. I
picked up an original users manual which is great! But, my scope has
just started giving me trouble with Ch1. When I turn the unit on, and
even after an ample warmup period, the Ch1 trace doesn't show up. I
locate it with Beamfinder but can't get it stabilized on the screen.
When I can get it to position, it continues to drift vertically, both
up and down, and will not completely stabilize (even after 30 minutes
or more). That is with leaving the Volts/Div control in the same
position. Any ideas?
Also, I discovered the Ch2 Cal control has absolutely no effect. I
can't find a detent position either. I thought it might be a loose
knob but that wasn't the problem. What do you think? Thanks, much.


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