Tek 464 - outer casing texture

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Group,
In my quest to restore this 464 of mine, there remains a last task, of
aesthetic nature.
My 464's aluminum cabinet has been repaired by previous owner.
It seems the aluminum sheet cracked or broken around the hinge, and the
broken part where the hinge is attached was replaced by a new piece of
aluminum sheet and then soldered to the outer case.
The solder was then ground flattened on the outer side so the repair is
flat and leveled the case surface.
All in all it's been well done and it's solid.
However, the painting around the soldered area is gone and and the solder
and the new metal, obviously don't have the beautiful texture pattern
Today I went to a store that prepares paint on spray cans.. So the painting
is taken care already.

I come to you to ask:
1. Do you know if the surface pattern is completely random, or if it
repeats itself?
In case it repeats itself, I may be able to take a mold of another area and
imprint it to the area around the hinge (covering the surface with a thin
layer of putty and applying the surface pattern to it)

2. If it doesn't repeat, would any of you guys have a disassembled 464 case
that you can take a picture of the area around the right hinge, so that I
can "print" the mold.

You guys may think I'm crazy in trying to imitate a random surface pattern,
but imitating it is in my opinion the easiest way to make the pattern
coincide at the borderline.

Any other ideas are welcome.

Thanks for any input,



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