Re: Restoring 3 (well, actually 2) tek 2225

Ted Rook

Many free download manuals are badly scanned and unreadable, are incomplete, and the
pagination of foldout pages is messed up.

Artek manuals are complete, the foldout pages are presented correctly, they are impeccably
scanned, and are searchable, and are very reasonably priced.

These are facts.

On 21 Sep 2017 at 20:06, Stefan Trethan stefan_trethan@... [TekSRe: [TekScopes] Re:
Restoring 3 (well, actually 2 wrote:

While it's great to get that extremely rare manual you have been
looking for forever from Dave there might also be another side to it.
The availability of reasonably priced manuals in good quality (and
illegal copies) does somewhat reduce the incentive to scan another and
make it available for free. I mean, come on, who's gonna scan if for
BAMA if you can buy it for a tenner?

While I respect Dave's right to defend his income I do prefer
information like that in the public domain and I do see how Nicolas
has a point in how slapping another copyright on there limits
availability and discussion.

It's a bit like that nonsense with how standards are distributed over
here. If you want a DIN standard you basically have to buy it from
Beuth for crazy money. For a company that needs that standard, not a
problem, but if you just want to have a quick look it's bloody
annoying that someone made a business out of that. The Saudis by
contrast have a government run website where you can just download
standards, with a cover page that explains how they are in effect laws
of the land and therefore must be free for all people, including a
pretty picture of a camel on it.
Bloody Saudi Arabia for goodness sake, they behead people over there
for nothing! And yet they somehow managed to get this one thing
completely right.

Anyway, I'm getting mightily off track here, but guys, can we please
try not to take his head of?
He doesn't know Dave and thinks he's just some corporation trying to
suck a dime out of everyone.
I won't judge him for that seeing how I've been there.

The good of making these manuals available at all, many of which might
be lost otherwise, does necessarily come with a little bit of bad in
having to run a business. That can not be helped, or denied.


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