Re: Most desirable Tektronix scope of them all?

bill koski

Does it have to be portable:) ???
I get a kick using my 556 that I bought for 25 bucks (including manual) at a ham fest. I've built up a collection of about a dozen plugins for it since, including a 1L5 spectrum analyzer. (when I have time I'll have some questions for you guys about the 1L5 in the future)
It has a great display for its vintage and the dual beam/dual time base has been useful from time to time. though I believe it's considered a 50MHz band width scope I have displayed, at a much attenuated amplitude, signals to near 100MHz with it. Built like a tank overall and the internal wiring is a work of art in itself.

I do have a 465B with the DMM option on my bench which is also a great scope too (though the range switches have gotten flaky of late) I use that for convenience or when I need the extra bandwidth or in the summertime when I don't need the extra heat in my office! The 556 keeps things cozy in there during the winter!!

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