Re: P6302 Current Probe DC Offset

Jeff Davis

Thanks everyone, for your responses and ideas. As it happens, I discovered that I have a bad cable. The wire from the trim offset resistor is broken somewhere within the cable. I get continuity from the connector pin to the point at which the wire enters the outer sheath, at both ends. I used a sharp probe to poke through the wire's insulation at that point. So the break is somewhere within the cable itself.

If I knew where the break was, and it was reasonably close to an end, I could just snip off the broken piece and rewire. But I don't know where the break is. Does anyone know of a technique for finding a break in a cable of unknown impedance and velocity factor?

Barring that, does anyone know where I could source a replacement cable (qty 6-30 AWG conductors + qty 1-50 ohm coax)?

Or is there a better way yet? I'd like to maintain the original look as much as possible.


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