Re: Tek 465 external trigger input cap substitute?

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Marco,
I have a PDF copy of the 465 service manual for serial number B250000 & up
and in this manual, C602 is listed along with all the consecutive parts.
Indeed, as Colin noted, it's C602 and not C601 you're talking about, and
it's a 2.7pF x 200V ceramic disc capacitor.

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I don't own a 465, but I do have a service manual for it. This document
doesn't have any mention of C602 in the parts list or on the circuit
at all, but does inform us that C601, which is associated with the Line
Signal, not the 'A' Ext Signal, was changed from 0.01uF ceramic, 150V, to
0.1uF ceramic, 100V at scope SN # B010400.

In the "Change Information" section, for scopes SN #120000-up, C602 gets
added, together with some other stuff. It is placed between the signal
connection of J600 (the 'A' EXT (TRIG)) and ground, before R602. This
component has the Tek part number 281-0611-00 and is 2.7 pF, ceramic, 200V.
To me, it looks as though you could live without it.

These changes were made when the A11 Trigger View circuit board was removed
and the circuitry was incorporated into the A8 Trigger Generator & Sweep
Logic circuit board.

I hope this helps.


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Hello there!

While removing the trigger board I have broken the "A trigger" external
input cap.
I'm pretty sure that the broken one was marked "500" and it's ceramic, but
cannot find it on the manual.
In the schematic it seems to be the C601 with value 2.7.. (2.7 what, pico?)
but on the layout it's missing.
After watching some photos on the Internet it looks like mine was
substituted, since they look like a big resistor with a concentric hole.

Have you got any suggestion on what sort of cap should I replace it with?
Thank you very much!

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