Re: 7704 issues


I've been pondering the schematic for 2 days now and its really poorly documented and kind of surprising compared to the rest of the scope. None of the schematics match up with the what I've got, maybe theres an older (or newer service manual). I pulled together a manual from 2 different sources for the 7704A as the schematics were fragmented over several pages on the link provided and added to the manual, schematics that either fit the pager, or are simply taped together to create the foldout.

My supply voltages are fine and I'm not seeing any shorts. My theory is that for one reason to another those harmonica connectors were unplugged from the green connector and since there are no clear indications of where they go. The pin outs alone are enough to drive you crazy. Every connector has a different number of pins so that part of it is pretty easy, determining where exactly they plug into the host connector that plugs into A20. So the Navy tech working on it gave up.

The scope is fully functional, readouts work fine, analog, no issues, was last calibrated on 2009.

Once again, if someone could snap a photo like the one in fig 6-30 but with a close up of the harmonica connectors, I would be eternally grateful. email to

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