Re: 7704 issues

Albert Otten

Have a look at diagram <11> Main Interconnect, and Fig. 3-7.
In <11> the "empty" space between D unit and A unit (at the left of the diagram) and A unit and D unit (at the right) is actually the vertical 2-sided PCB. At the bottom this PCB plugs into a connector at the main interface board. At the Display side the big U-shaped interconnect plug assembly fits on the edge of the PCB and also connects to the Peltona cable feed-thru blocks at its left and right side. The Peltona wiring is shown at the bottom of the diagram.. The harmonica connectors you mentioned are shown in the diagram as thin rectangular dashed strips, 5 of them in the manual version I have. They seem to have no individual part number.
Hope this helps.

---In, <regman10@...> wrote :

These harmonica connectors plug into a dual in-line connector which is numbered 1-60. They were all unplugged and in disarray when I opened the scope up. None of the lights light up on the vertical and horizontal mode selector switches or the left right switches.

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