Re: general question on XY mode on a 4 ch Tek TDS

Gary Appel

Channel 1 is the X channel. All other channels will be displayed vertically.

Gary Appel

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Hi Folks,
I searched in a few places but haven't found it yet so I would try here.
I have TDS460A with 4 channels it's just in storage now so I can't get to it to try this.
In the manual it says this...

XY Format Pairs
Ch1 - Ch 2
Ch3 - Ch 4

Does this mean I could display an XY curve using ch1 &2 and a second XY curve AT the SAME time on ch3 & 4 and then overlay them to compare them visually?

I would send the same ramp voltage (x-axis) to both "pairs" (ch1 and Ch 3) but 2 different Y-axis voltages , one to Ch2 and one to ch 4.

I/m trying to visually overlay the response of 2 filters so as to perform a visual matching.


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