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NEVER clean instrument panels /lettering with ANYTHING other than soap and
water ! Nuff said

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Hi Folks,
I have been curious about the "cleaning gels" that I see many examples of
on e-bay and Amazon that one uses to clean gunk out of keyboards and
instruments. These are gel like "goo" that one places over the keyboard
and them peels off, and they supposedly pull dirt, dust and finger oil up
with them. In particular I would like to use some on an HP calculator and
other instruments I have.
Does anyone have any direct experience with these gels? Is there any
particular "brand" or vendor that is better than another, or to be avoided?
I have read a bunch of reviews that indicate some of them leave a sticky
mess behind. What is their active mechanism? Do any of them have solvents
which can potentially damage an instrument panel?
Thanks for the advice,

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