Re: On-topic: HP 1743A portable oscilloscope having unique feature?


With the HP 1743A set in "B-runs-after delay" mode, both markers / cursors are
placed by hand (delay knobs), each by a small amount before subsequent rising edges
of a 1 KHz (exact) square wave. Let's say that the interval shows "0.837 ms" on the
numeric display.
Exactly, just like any other delta delay timebase.
I was trying to give exact instructions on how to set the HP 1743A for this demo. I was hoping that was clear but I could have written it better. Sorry, Dutch, not native English.

I just tried a 2236 and a 2247A. Both indeed behave like the HP 1743A.
The 2236 was produced from 1984, the 2247A from 1989, according to TekWiki.
The HP 1743A was produced from 1977 / '78, preceding both Teks by at least 6 years.


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